Dance Dialogue

Because only thinking is not enough

Dance Dialogue makes complex organisational and societal questions tangible and visible by using movement.

What is a Dance Dialogue?

A Dance Dialogue is a research method and intervention in which complex issues and questions are explored by movement in the actual location where the question occurs in real life. Dancers are asked to represent a role in the issue and are guided in an improvised dance. Subsequently they are interviewed about their interactions, feelings, thoughts and experiences in the dance.

What we offer

Dance Dialogue film

If you want your own complex topic or question visualised into a short film we offer a full production of a Dance Dialogue film.


Dialogue workshops

We offer workshops with your own Dance Dialogue film or with a previous Dance Dialogue film. In these workshops we work together on creating new perspectives and actions for change.


Dance Dialogue live intervention

Do you want to experience the impact of translating your question or topic in a dance by dancers in your presence? During a live intervention dancers are guided by a Dance Dialogue facilitator with the participants present in the space.  


Let's Collaborate

We start to talk to experts in the workfield to understand the scope, context and complexity of the question. The question can be on a team, organisational or societal level. We do fieldwork, observations of the physical context and interviews. From this we decide how a Dance Dialogue can contribute to your ambition by defining who the stakeholders are and what impact you want to achieve.




“Unfortunately it’s too late for me, but for the first time I could really look at myself and my position as a judge in the Tribunals.”

Former judge at different Tribunals (amongst others the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda)  


“I have experienced how the Dance Dialogue method realises a break through in systems that are stuck. The result is that people can take the next step in a clear and sincere manner towards their relationships with others.”

Marja Beumer Founder and Managing Director of Projob  


“I see that the Dance Dialogue method breaks through the armor of legal thinking of people in the sector.”

Prof. Dr. Maurits Barendrecht Research Director Hiil  


“As a director in the field of education the film ‘Education Dance’ gave me clarity in the complex issue of diversity.”

Désirée Majoor Vice president at the HKU University of Arts Utrecht  

Who we are

The Dance Dialogue method is created by Peter Rombouts and Dorota Gazy.


Peter Rombouts is an organisational and change expert and a dancer. Peter is fascinated by complexity and systemic thinking in relation to movement. With his company Masters of Movement he does interventions in organisations using movement and dance.


Dorota Gazy is designer and design researcher – in her work she uses all her senses to understand the question and context. By creative research she makes people’s stories and experiences visible. She is a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven. Prior to the Design Academy she completed a Bachelor and Master degree Art History at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. She works at STBY, design research for service innovation.   



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Dorota Gazy



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